You’ll Probably Want to Fly First Class After Watching This Video

Recently I watched a video of Emirates Airline that maxresdefault (1).jpgpromotes their A380 airplane. The video was posted 7 months ago and have been viewed more than 5 million times. You can click here for a link to the video. The company hired Jennifer Aniston as one of the passengers in their plane and a little kid who got lost in the huge plane. Jennifer asked to go with the kid to return to their parents and their journey inside the plane showcased Emirates incredible facilities on the A380 airplane.

This got me curious and I decided to look at some of their digital marketing schemes and what I found was a very impressive strategy of advertising. If you click here, there’s another video that advertises Emirates First Class cabin, but this time it is through a YouTuber. Emirates upgraded Youtuber Casey Neistat to First Class on a flight from Dubai to New York. Accidental? I think not. With more than 7 million subscribers and an accumulative of over a billion views for his videos, Emirates successfully promotes their First Cmaxresdefault (2).jpglass cabin that costs US$21,000 through a first-hand experience published by Casey Neistat.

Looking pretty amazed and thrilled about his upgrade, Neistat covered the entire experience and went about highlighting the cabin’s features and perks in a totally unscripted take. The video has received more than 36 million views so far and counting. After watching him gawk at and enjoy the features of the plane, you’ll probably want to take that flight class too (if you can afford it that is).

I think this is a very creative digital marketing strategy as it gives the first-hand experience through the whole flight and showcased all the incredible features that the flight has to offer.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with my opinion that this is a creative strategy that Emirates used to promote their First Class cabin? Feel free to leave your opinion on the comments below! 🙂


2 thoughts on “You’ll Probably Want to Fly First Class After Watching This Video

    • I don’t think Emirates specifically sponsored Casey for the video. But I think they have a means to track celebrities or influential people who fly on their airline. I think that when they found out that Casey is flying in their airline, they know the impact that he can bring with his videos and decided to upgrade him to first class knowing that he will record the whole experience. But yeah if he was purposely sponsored for the video, he should definitely tell his viewers and subscribers.


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