Thoughts on the future of Digital Marketing

For some of you who have been reading my blogs would wonder how these changes in digital marketing will affect the future. For those who are new to my blog, I’ve been talking about how Netflix may change the way corporations advertise their products. I’ve also been talking about how ads in mobile games are racking serious amount of money, and how tv ads may still be a good marketing means but may be obsolete in the future as everything is moving online.

I’ve been thinking lately how these developments in Digital Marketing will affect the future. So here are a few points that I think will happen to digital marketing in the future:

  1. Online media advertising will play a greater role in marketing campaigns. I know some of you might think that online media is already a huge thing nowadays, but I’m saying that other media still have a great impact too. Just like what I wrote in Is Ditching TV Ads a Good Idea? , TV still plays a huge role in digital marketing and still benefit most of the companies that advertise on TV.
  2. Rapid growth in Virtual Reality will cause new digital marketing schemes for VR. This is a very interesting topic that I would only mention briefly as I will write on this on my next blog post. With virtual reality goggles that are constantly being promoted and produced, it’s quite likely that these goggles can be used for other entertainment like watching movies and not only used for video games. This will cause a new digital marketing strategy to emerge involving VR as the main platform.
  3. More video-based digital marketing. Research conducted shows that video ads as a mean of online advertising are expected to dominate the digital marketing world in a few years time. Videos with moving and interactive ads are more attractive to consumers and thus create more consumer awareness. I will also blog about this in my upcoming blog posts.

So that’s a few of my thoughts on how the future of digital marketing will look like. What do you guys think? I know there’s still a lot of points on how the future will look like for digital marketing, so feel free to post your opinions on the comment section below! 🙂


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