Read this if you’re annoyed by ads in Mobile Games!

mobile-gamingGames have quite an impact on my life as I frequently spend hours and hours playing all sorts of games, especially mobile games. At first, I saw games as a means to escape my hectic and sometimes boring daily activities, but as time goes on I realized one thing that is quite annoying, that is the ads in these games. Sometimes the games give you exclusive in-game money/gems if you watch an ad video. I don’t really care about these ads because when it pops up or when I watch it to get those gems I rarely pay attention to it.

Recently, I read an article about digital marketing, one article, in particular, says that there is a new term called “Gaming Marketing”. I read further because this topic intrigues me and learn that game developer nowadays tends to create free game apps to attract more and more people to download and play their game (example: Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Angry birds, etc.)  So how can games developer earn their revenue? You guess it, from in-app purchases and those annoying ads.

I did a little research about this and found a few interesting facts about the gaming industry that you can see below.


I think it’s quite intriguing how mobile gaming revenue exceeds PC and console gaming, both of which I’m also quite fond of playing.

So, what do you guys think? As mobile gaming increases in both user and revenue, will marketers utilize it further and if yes, how will they utilize it further? And will this Gaming Marketing be an effective digital marketing scheme or not? Feel free to leave your comments below 🙂



2 thoughts on “Read this if you’re annoyed by ads in Mobile Games!

    • I think video advertising is still the most relevant for marketers to use. Yes, it is extremely annoying and only has a 0.06% click through rate, but research shows that it is still the most relevant to use. Well based on my personal experience, the video ads lead me to download another game that I find intriguing.


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